Q: How Old Is Thunderbelly?

A: We're pretty sure Thunderbelly was born in 1985. You do the math.

Q: What are Thunderbelly's nicknames?

A: Piggy, Piglet, Moo-Moo, Little Fatso, Blob, BaaBaas, Blimp, Bunny, Berbah, Mooles, Little softie, Little softie bunny, Little sweetie, zeppelin belly.

Q: How Fat is Thunderbelly?

A: At one time, he weighed 30 lbs. As he got older, he got skinnier, but he still loves food.

Q: What does Thunderbelly eat?

A: Cans. He also likes flowers and goes crazy for celery. Piglet has many favorite foods, but one of his favorites is milk (NOT catmilk). He also loves ice cream (as you can tell from the photo). He likes fried tofu and Morningstar vegetarian corned beef. He probably likes real corned beef too.

Q: How much does Thunderbelly eat?

A: Usually two cans a day, though sometimes four or five.

Q: Where did Thunderbelly come from?
A: From a flyer that claimed he was "10 pounds of Love". When Linda went to pick him up his owner who was going to be traveling for a while said "he's more like 20 pounds, but I didn't want to scare anybody." Sadly that flyer no longer exists.

Q: What are Piglet's Favorite things?
A: His favorite game is chasing cat treats. His favorite places to nap are in dresser drawers, the wardrobe & the refrigerator. His favorite color is pthalo blue (this is the color of paint he chose to eat off of Linda's paint palette. He was tinged blue for weeks). His favorite book is the one that someone is trying to read (very comfortable to sit upon).

Sadly, Thunderbelly died of acute renal failure on January 13, 2004. He was 19 years old. Kyle was holding him when he died.